What are Cannabis Gummies?

Cannabis gummies are exactly what they sound like – gummies with a stoner-friendly twist. These gummies can contain THC, CBD, or even a combination of the two. However, only gummies containing THC will produce the familiar psychoactive effects or sensations. Cannabis gummies can come in a wide variety of delicious flavors, from sweet to fruity and even sour. They also come with an equally impressive amount of both medicinal and recreational benefits. If you’re looking for a convenient, delicious alternative to smoking cannabis, then ganja gummies are just for you! What are Cannabis Gummies

How do Cannabis Gummies Work?

As with other cannabis edibles, cannabis gummies work  differently than other forms of cannabis consumption. This is because your body digests them in a way that produces different and longer lasting effects. Below is an in-depth explanation of how cannabis gummies work in the body. What are Cannabis Gummies

When you ingest cannabis gummies, the gummies must first travel through your digestive system. This is a much different process than smoking. When you smoke cannabis, the THC molecules in the smoke quickly pass through the lungs and move into the bloodstream. As a result, you will notice the effects within minutes. With edibles, however, this is not the case. Once your gummies pass through your digestive system, they have to make an important pit stop at your liver. Certain enzymes in your liver actually transform the THC molecules into another active compound known as 11-hydroxy THC. This form of THC is a lot more potent, and it is much easier for this compound to pass through the barrier between your brain and the rest of your body. It is for this reason that cannabis gummies, as well as other cannabis edibles, tend to produce such potent effects. The digestive process takes time, which is why the effects of your cannabis gummies can take over an hour to become noticeable. What are Cannabis Gummies

What are Cannabis Gummies

When the 11-hydroxy-THC reaches your brain, this is where the fun stuff happens. Cannabis exerts its effects mainly through THC’s interaction with your body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a complex network of cells, receptors, and enzymes that controls many of your body’s most important functions. THC interacts with several parts of this system to induce effects such as euphoria, relaxation, increased appetite, and much more. Click here for a more in-depth look at the effects of THC on your brain and body. What are Cannabis Gummies

Marijuana Gummies Positive Effects:

Consuming cannabis gummies can have many positive effects, and they can even have advantages over other forms of cannabis consumption. Most importantly, cannabis gummies allow you to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without harming your lungs by inhaling a lot of smoke. This is what makes them ideal for many medicinal and recreational users alike. In addition, cannabis gummies are one of the most discrete forms of cannabis out there. If you’re someone who wants to medicate throughout the day without drawing any unwanted attention, then gummies are definitely the way to go. Another important benefit of cannabis gummies is that they give you more control over exactly how much cannabis you’re consuming. Well-made gummies contain very precise doses, and this is especially important for medical patients as well as any first-time or inexperienced users. Last but certainly not least, cannabis gummies are simply delicious! Many people hate the taste and smell of cannabis, and gummies are a great way to eliminate any unpleasant tastes or odors from your cannabis routine. What are Cannabis Gummies

Cannabis Gummies Medical Benefits:

As with all cannabis products, cannabis gummies can help treat a number of medical conditions. In particular, edibles are a great treatment method since they don’t require any smoke inhalation. The potent nature of cannabis gummies makes them optional for treating chronic pain and inflammation associated with conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and more. In addition, edibles can help ease pain and reduce nausea for people undergoing chemotherapy. Cannabis gummies also promote a heavy narcotic couchlock sensation. This is perfect for medical marijuana patients suffering from insomnia as gummies are known to put people to sleep. Cannabis gummies can even help patients suffering from various seizure disorders. What are Cannabis Gummies

Cannabis gummies can also help people suffering from mental health conditions, as well. Studies show that cannabis can offer effective relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more. People who suffer from mental health conditions or have such in their family should consult with their medical doctor or psychologist before intending to use Cannabis from any form. What are Cannabis Gummies

Cannabis Gummies Vs Marijuana Flowers: 

Weed gummies are much stronger than the buds, and because they are ingested, they react differently, resulting in a more intense couch lock sensation.   In addition, marijuana gummies tend to last longer on average. What are Cannabis Gummies

Marijuana Gummies Vs Cannabis Concentrates:

Both are very potent forms of cannabis and are unique in their own way.  There are different categories and different ways to take them which will affect the experience.  What are Cannabis Gummies

How to Make Cannabis Gummies?

First step is to get a hold of some cannabis concentrates such as THC distillate or other THC oils. Basically, THC needs to be extracted and decarboxylated so that the THC is activated and will cause intoxication when ingested. To make marijuana gummies, the THC oil or distillate is heated, then infused right into the gummy mixture. The gummies are then put out to dry and then stored in an airtight container and placed in a cool location for the longest shelf life. What are Cannabis Gummies

How to take THC Gummies?

This one is easy.  You just eat it! However, Cannabis gummies are very potent so you should know the proper cannabis edible dosage.  There is a wide range of food infused with THC available for sale. However, keep in mind it’s not easy to estimate the amount of psychoactive THC in a particular batch, which makes it difficult to dose. Thus, it’s best to start with lower amounts, as edibles are definitely more powerful than your regular cannabis joint. Everyone is different, and many variables are at play, so make sure you know your tolerance levels well before delving into the world of weed edibles.

How to Store Weed Gummies?

The shelf life of marijuana gummies is not as long as other cannabis products since food tends to spoil rather quickly.  Some edibles such as a hard THC candy will last longer than say a pot cookie. Just keep air away and keep your gummies in a cool and dark location, and be sure to eat them all before the expiry date! 

Also it is very important you keep cannabis gummies clearly labelled and out of the reach of children and pets as it can be very dangerous. Being a responsible cannabis user is of utmost importance when it comes to weed edibles. What are Cannabis Gummies

Cannabis Gummies Side Effects:

THC gummy highs can be unpredictable at times.  Sometimes it hits you light, at other times it hits you like a truck.  This is the reason that you should take cannabis gummies in moderation and start off slow. It could take a little time for the full effects to be felt, so it’s best to give some time in between doses.

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