Weed in Turkey

Turkey is one of the few nations that is on two continents and its’ vivid history is the reason why so many of the individuals from the country are strong patriots, proud of their county.

Interestingly enough, even though a Muslim country, one of the first churches in the world was built there – The Church of Saint Peter, built by the man himself. Read down below for more relevant information on cannabis in Turkey.Weed in Turkey

Weed Laws in Turkey:

Any activity regarding cannabis in Turkey is strictly forbidden. However, around 30% of Istanbul’s population (the most populated Turkish city), is smoking weed.

Marijuana is not decriminalized in the country at all and if you get caught in possession or smoking, it is highly likely that you will be fined or/and even taken to prison. However, if you are a tourist you can expect slightly different consequences.

Bribing the police officer that caught you is an option, but you must do this at your own risk. The policeman will probably accept the small bribe. Avoid smoking in public places.

However, we understand that smoking in Turkey is a unique experience and you might be tempted to get high in more populated areas, just remember, if you decide to do so, be smart about it and use your common sense. Weed in Turkey.. buy-thc-vape-juice in germany/

Where to Find Weed in Istanbul:

As mentioned, a huge portion of the population is smoking cannabis in Istanbul, so scoring decent quality cannabis isn’t hard. The best spots where you can easily find cannabis is definitely Caddebostan park and Tarlabasi.

There will be many younger people who smoke. Approach them with positivity, and they will definitely help you. It’s advisable to always check cannabis before buying as there are many scam reports in these places. Don’t go in shady backstreets and stick to the masses, because you can get robbed! Weed in Turkey

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